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REMstar Legacy Heated Humidifier

Category: CPAP

Manufacturer: Respironics

The REMstar Legacy humidifier is an integrated, easy-to-operate heated humidification system featuring a unique, tubeless design that works with every CPAP and bilevel device in the Legacy family except the Remstar Lite.  This includes the Remstar Plus, Pro, Pro 2, and Auto CPAP units; and the Auto, Pro, Pro 2, Plus, autoSV, BiPAP-ST, and AVAPS bilevel units (see CPAP and Bilevel PAP).  The simple rubber coupler connection provides secure contact between the water chamber and CPAP or BiPAP device.

  • Clear, two-piece water chamber is easy to fill and dishwasher safe
  • Lighted humidifier control button on the CPAP/BiPAP unit makes adjusting humidification levels simple
  • Heater plate status light makes it easy to see when the humidifier is on or off, even in the dark
  • Heated humidifier plugs directly into the REMstar unit, eliminating the need for extra cords, cables, or power sources

Note:  This humidifier is not compatible with Respironics' newer System One or M Series devices (see Humidifiers for the correct corresponding units). 

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