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Comfortgel Mask with headgear

Category: CPAP

Manufacturer: Respironics

The ComfortGel nasal mask makes it easier to fit patients right the first time – even hard-to-fit patients. At its core is an exceptional cushion that combines the customizable blue gel with a proven dual-layer cushion design found in other Comfort Series masks. This combination gives you the comfort, fit, stability, and seal characteristics you’ve come to expect from Comfort Series masks.

This superior cushion is paired with the StabilitySelector that tilts the mask to allow for an optimal seal. The forehead support and pad automatically adjust to ensure proper forehead placement and angle. Combining the StabilitySelector and the dual-material cushion with a “silent” exhalation port and ball-and-socket headgear attachments adds up to a superior mask that can help patients stick to their therapy.

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