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Philips Medication Dispenser

Category: Lifeline

Manufacturer: Philips Electronics

The stakes are high for medication mistakes...Reduce the risk of medication errors with Philips Lifeline Medication Dispensing Service. 

Is it time for a better way to manage your medications?

Healthcare professionals trust Philips LIfeline to help their patients live independently.  Now with the Philips Medication Dispensing Service, preloaded medications dispense at the times you've scheduled.  This helps provide the right dose, at the right time, so you don't have to worry about complications from incorrect medication use.

As easy as pressing a button - An audible reminder and flashing light indicate it's time for medicine.  Just the press of a button dispenses medications in an easy-to-handle plastic cup. It's that simple!

Peace of mind - With Philips Lifeline, caregivers can have peace of mind.  That's because caregiver's can be alerted by phone if a dose is missed. So even when a caregiver can't be there, they can still feel confident their loved ones are adhering to medication regimens.

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