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Detachol Adhesive Remover

Category: Ostomy

Manufacturer: Eloquest Healthcare, Inc

Detachol Adhesive Remover is a gentle, non-irritating, adhesive remover used to remove dressings, wound closure strips, tapes, tubes and, of course, Mastisol Liquid Adhesive. Detachol works well around the face since the pleasant fragrance will not irritate the eyes or nose. Detachol does not contain acetone, benzene, chloroform, or ether.
  • Does not contain acetone, benzene, or chloroform
  • Fragrance will not irritate the eyes or nose
  • Gentle, non-irritating, adhesive remover
  • Works well around the face
  • Removes residue left by stubborn sport tapes, such as Kinesio tape.

Detachol is a nonirritating adhesive remover used to aid in the removal of dressings, tapes, and most sticky residue from the skin.

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