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Product Details

New Image Pre-Sized Flextend Skin Barrier

Category: Ostomy

Manufacturer: Hollister

Product Benefits

Confidence assured with the Floating Flange; provides utmost security with the patented locking system that audibly "clicks" into place.
Protects the skin over extended wearing time from irritating discharge.
 Flextend skin barrier is the barrier of choice for urostomies and ileostomies.
Eliminates pressure on tender post operative abdomens with the exclusive Floating Flange.

Item #            Color Code                  Size                                           Stoma Size                Unit of Measure
14701            Green                          Flange Size 1-3/4"                     5/8 in. (16mm)            Box of 5 14702            Green                          Flange Size 1-3/4"                     3/4 in (19mm)             Box of 5 14703            Green                          Flange Size 1-3/4"                     7/8 in. (22mm)            Box of 5 14704            Green                          Flange Size 1-3/4"                     1 in. (25mm)               Box of 5
14705            Green                          Flange Size 1-3/4"                     1-1/8 in. (29mm)         Box of 5
14706            Green                          Flange Size 1-3/4"                     1-1/4 in. (32mm)         Box of 5 14707            Red             

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