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S9 VPAP Adapt

Category: CPAP

Manufacturer: ResMed

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The VPAP™ Adapt is an adaptive servo-ventilator with a backup rate specifically designed to treat central sleep apnea (CSA) in all its forms, including mixed sleep apnea, complex sleep apnea (CompSA) and periodic breathing such as Cheyne–Stokes respiration (CSR). The VPAP Adapt is available with Ramp functionality and a choice of auto-adjusting EPAP in ASVAuto mode or fixed EPAP in ASV mode. The device continuously monitors and adapts to a user's breathing pattern to ensure that you are receiving the right pressure for every breath for even greater customization, comfort and compliance.

Enhanced Vsync technology compensates for leak and provides superior patient–ventilator synchrony Seamless integration with optional H5i™ heated humidifier with Climate Control
Ultra quiet and comfortable Easy-Breathe pressure delivery
Simple menu settings and color LCD display are user-friendly

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